For Club or Country

Step into the shoes of a Manchester United midfielder and try to think about your career. If you were English, would you rather wear the Red Devils crest or the Three Lions crest? Michael Carrick seems to prefer listening to Sir Alex over the accented Fabio Capello:

Within these last few days, four English National Team candidates seem to show that they are no longer interested in representing their country. Paul Robinson – Blackburn’s #1 and Wes Brown – one of Man Utd’s center backs, have both retired from national team duties. Daniel Sturridge – one of Chelsea’s rising young stars and Michael Carrick – Man Utd’s CDM, have both played hurt to avoid national team training. Both Carrick and Sturridge saw minutes in the FA Community Shield over the weekend.

I won’t lie, I would rather wear Nike over Umbro any day of the week.


2 Responses to For Club or Country

  1. michael caldwell says:

    I would totally commit to united everyday of the week over england. U have to realise that ur club put alot of time and money into you and they LET you go off to play for ur country but eventually ifeel u should repay them. around age 28-30 i feel you should retire not only for your club but to give youngsters to come up unles ur country is winning things. and also if ur club is a lower table team playing for your country may be more importanmt to you. but for to decide be tween engalnd and united. its united 100% of the time.

    • The Treble says:

      It is a lot to think about, but if I were able to break the startingXI for my country, I might rethink. As much scrutiny as the Three Lions are under, they still command respect from every other country. With that in mind, we can also talk about the marketing abilities and popularity, as well as the fear that Man Utd instill into any opponent. Hard to say, but with no major international tournaments approaching in the next year, I think I might lay low for a bit.

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