The Youthful Selecao

For most who don’t follow soccer as much as the fanatics, the name Neymar is new and exciting. The Santos forward made his debut for the first team at 17 and scored his first goal in his second match ever. Because of his flashy and skilled performances, the likes of Inter, Chelsea, Man City, and Real Madrid all wanted his services. This all happened just last year.

A few hours ago, Neymar da Silva Santos Junior, got his first ever international cap against our USMNT and quickly stole the show.

Neymar made his name, but he was not the only one making his first debut. Neymar might have been the youngest on the field, however his teammates were not much older. Two 19 year olds, three 20 year olds, and a 21 year old made their way onto the roster as well. The younger, faster, Robinho-like player dazzled the fans and almost made us forget that his teammates. Those same teammates helped dominate the USA in possession and are also unable to get into the bars in New Jersey.

Your next question might have been, who is Brazil’s #10? The all-powerful #10 was on the back of Paulo Henrique Chagas de Lima or better known as Ganzo. Teammates with Neymar at Santos, Ganzo wears that same number at the club level and controls the midfield to allow for Neymar’s free-flowing, stylish play. The two combined, tallied 39 goals in all competitions for Santos last season.

The 2014 World Cup might not be so easy for Spain… and I have yet to talk about the U-20 French National Team.

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior

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