Villa – O’Neill + Bob Bradley

Yesterday, Aston Villa Manager Martin O’Neill, left his post with the season starting in less than 4 days. Aston Villa, as of late, have been contenders for Europa League spots and with their manager of 5 years gone, we wonder what this will do to the upcoming EPL season.

A few months ago, Rafa Benitez failed to impress at Anfield, so ex-Fulham manager Roy Hodgson snatched up the opportunity. Within all this mess, a very important figure in the United States slowly came up. Bob Bradley, the USMNT coach was thrown into talks about the Fulham opening with Clint Dempsey most likely having some say. Bob Bradley now quickly finds himself in the discussion over the recent opening at Villa Park. Having yet to commit to the USMNT, Bradley could easily find his way to England to coach the Villa with American, Brad Guzan in net.

Post-World Cup, Bradley has yet to put pen to paper to commit himself to the national team. The Brazil vs USA international friendly is just around the corner, so I am expecting talks about Bradley’s future as soon as the final whistle blows.

With UEFA matches already beginning, I can’t help but wonder if the MLS will ever have a chance to compete against a continent where soccer is #1. I am glad the MLS is gaining respect and popularity, but I prefer to read about AmericansAbroad.


2 Responses to Villa – O’Neill + Bob Bradley

  1. nedders says:

    Bob does not deserve any premier league job, let alone at a club with as much promising talent and tradition as Villa. Under his control, the USMNT seldom controlled play and at the very least could be called inconsistent. As an outsider to both club and league, it would be hard for him to muster up that team spirit and us-against-them-attitude that has so defined our national team over the past two years. I would love to see an American manager at the reins of a big club, but an unsuccessful American manager at a big club would leave a stigma not soon forgotten.

    Also, I would hope that Brad Friedel would get the nod over Guzan.

    • The Treble says:

      I am a huge fan of seeing Americans overseas. It is very difficult to see what Bradley does for the MNT because there is hardly a definite style since they have a hard time controlling matches. It would be nice to see him get the job because we would all get to see what effect he has a team.

      Friedel will hit 40 at the end of the 2010-2011 season. I just think it is time for a younger face in that net.

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