Capello: Beckham Too Old

It wasn’t David Beckham, who came out and said he was retiring from national team duties, but rather the current England Manager, Fabio Capello, did the talking. Fabio Capello does not have enough knowledge of Premiership play, nor any managerial experience in the EPL to be the ‘coach’ of the England National Team. Capello took the highly experienced Three Lions to the Round of 16 and to me, that is hardly an achievement considering the big names he had on the roster. Personally, I thought England should have mustered up some self-pride and played their way into the WC Finals. The two most complete teams were Spain and England, with little flaws, if any.

Just today, Fabio Capello said exactly this: “I say thank you very much for helping me at the World Cup but probably he is a little bit old.”

What respect has Fabio Capello earned to say that one of the best right feet in the world and the most capped English player is no longer of use to that country?! Don’t get me wrong because I wanted the USA to win, but England would have been a whole different team had David Beckham been in their startingXI on June 12th. I hope Fabio was joking or had a previous talk with Becks before saying that, but if I was David Beckham, I would lay into that guy.


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