Season Preview: Promoted Squads – Blackpool

To be completely honest, less than a few hours ago I couldn’t tell you a single tactical, let alone intellectual, thing about these three newly promoted teams.

After reading about all three clubs my favorite has definitely got to be Blackpool. That team has a boss of  manager, a mad as a March hare (thank you history, and a #10 that is clutch when the life of the club is on the line. Really though, I shouldn’t even be writing about this club as they were supposed to be relegated to the beer league two decades ago.

The Seasiders have the English poor-man’s version of Jose Mourinho, with all this shit he says. In less than a year Manager Ian Holloway took a nearly relegated Blackpool team to a 6th place Championship finish and playoff win to secure their first Barclay’s Premiership berth. For some reason after winning the Championship Playoffs and securing a spot in the top flight, rumors were flying that  Holloway was to resign until he said this:

“Apparently yesterday I had resigned. It’s just a crazy world that we have moved into. Before anyone asks a question, I just want to make sure you can see me – you can see me here and I’m not a cardboard cut-out, because somehow or other, I’m not supposed to be here. I had to be in London the day before and didn’t want to drive back at six o’clock in the morning to get here because I was too tired. I had to be at a Premier League meeting, and look what that has caused by not coming back up for training. We only had eight players, some were on international duty and I wasn’t going to train them that hard anyway. Look at how things go crazy. But welcome, and by the way, we’ve just signed some new players as well. I just want to get that straight.”

Less than 24 hours after this press conference he signed a two-year contract. This guy is a boss. Nuff said.

Not much to be told about their history apart from playing in all 4 leagues in the last two decades and being promoted every time through the playoff system. Meh.

The 2008-09 season should have seen The Tangerines relegated until their #10, Brett Ormerod, clinched another season in the Championship by scoring the goal they needed in order to avoid relegation to the overweight men’s league. In the final of last season’s Championship Playoff, Ormerod scored the game winner to send Blackpool to the EPL.

I still think Lee Trundle is still the best forward in The Championship.

I’ll take a 4-0 win over Wigan anyday. Just shows you can’t be around Alexi Lalas and remain intelligent.


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