Season Preview: Promoted Squads – West Bromwich Albion

After flip-flopping four times between the Championship and the Premier League, you would think a team would get their act together. With this being West Brom’s 5th visit back to the EPL, I would hope one of the original founders of The Football League could stay in the first division.

Their most recent achievement is hardly an achievement. The Great Escape, led by former Manager Bobby Robson, was their last great feat having escaped relegation while being at the bottom of the table in 05-06. The last dumbass to coach the team was Tony Mowbray, who managed to get  few awards for promoting a team that have spent time in the gray area between the first and second division. Good job doing your job. He then left for Celtic and wasn’t even allowed to stay a full term.

Current manager, Roberto Di Matteo, was once a good player and with extremely limited managerial experience took his first team at MK Dons just two years ago. Di Matteo’s first year as a manager saw him lead MK Dons to a semifinal playoff match in League1, only to lose in PKs because his old teammate from Chelsea missed the 7th. Di Matteo joined West Brom and took them to a second place finish behind Newcastle and an automatic promotion to The Premier League.

The Baggies have a couple players that I could mention, but only one that really deserves a a few words. Nicky Shorey is an England International, but not as of late, which can be an insult if you look at it that way. I’m actually not too sure why I’m writing about him actually… the guy spent time in 3 teams in under a year. WBA also need a new mascot or none at all.

I hate seeing Chelsea sit on top of the table, no matter what part of the season it is. Allowing 6 goals is a damn embarrassment as a manager, but I guess ‘Drogba’ can be an excuse. This is going to be a long year for Albion.


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