England should select Arteta

They need to select Arteta. They could also start a decent national academy, wait ten years, and select a young “foreigner” trained in England. I think both would be best.

“Englishness” needs to get over itself. As a German team led by the sublime Mesut Ozil clearly demonstrated, race is separate from nationality. Though Arteta is clearly Spanish in origin; he is English by passport. He has spent the entirety of his adulthood playing football in the British Isles. There is not a slicker player availbile to Fabio Capello. With Jack Wilshere still two to three years from a full starting role in the national team, Arteta stands as the one player available who could put in a killer diagonal ball. For all of Lampard’s enthusiasm or Gerrard’s power, neither offer the finesse of the “Spaniard.” Milner comes close, but is not yet of the same quality. Then again, with his selection of Sean Wright-Phillips over Theo “meep-meep” Walcott, Capello showed that he might not be the genius the English media once (and occasionally still) believe him to be.

England could stick to their guns and let Arteta go another major tournament without stepping onto a pitch.

They could look to win something instead.


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