Champions League: Tiki-Taka Teams

Are the scorelines not convincing enough for you? 6-0 Arsenal, 6-1 Barcelona. These results completely back the idea that tiki-taka football is the most effective 90 minute style of play.

From beginning to end Arsenal dominated play as they ran over Portuguese Liga finalists Braga. Inspired by a brace from captain Cesc Fabregas, Arsenal added 4 more from Carlos Vela (2), Arshavin, and Chamakh. As if keeping the ball 64% of the time was not enough, Wenger’s boys smacked home six goals and made a statement in London. After years of claiming that they have a young team, I think Arsenal might finally have a chance at something. Who have Chelsea played anyway? You can hardly compare their early season schedules. Maybe Blackpool will give them a run. Or a jog.

Barcelona was typical. Controlling all play… literally all play. Take a wild guess at the percent possession by the Catalan club. I have never seen such a one sided possession game in my life. Barcelona outplayed the current Greek champions by keeping the ball 86% of the game. Majority of the Panathinakos possession had to come from their keeper. First goal of the game was a punt from the keeper and cheekily flicked on for Sidney Govou to capitalize on the only shining moment for Panathinaikos. Losing to Hercules must have nudged Leo Messi the wrong way as he went on to put in a trick.

Wouldn’t be more happy to see these two teams play each other in the CL final.  At least it wouldn’t be as boring as last year’s.


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