World Cup Bid: 2018 and 2022

Wonder why England is still a top choice ahead of the USA? Because we decided it was a good idea to send Drew Carey as our United States of America representative. We might has well have just told FIFA that we are clearly still incapable of hosting the world’s most prestigious sporting event because we sent a gimp to prove them otherwise. I would rather have sent Mimi than Drew Carey, at least she’s obnoxious. Nothing good has come out of the state of Ohio and certainly not a US Soccer representative that suddenly decided to become a figure in the domestic game.

nice glasses

I’ll be honest, Seattle has been the best city in the entire nation for soccer support, but that does not make it right to send their minority owner as the entire nation’s representative. He knows nothing about the game and is not a big enough celebrity to make anyone do a double take. I would at least say hello to Ryan Stiles.

Even after all the scandals and bribing, England still has the upperhand over the USA. Interest in the game still plays a big role, but we needed to send someone who could at least sell the idea to FIFA that the USA will quickly build a proper following. Looks like I will be waking up very early to watch the World Cup in 2018 and 2022 because Russia and Spain will both play host.


2 Responses to World Cup Bid: 2018 and 2022

  1. Tim B says:

    Not to argue, but I Drew Carey has been a soccer fan for quite a while. I saw him at the USA-Mexico World Cup Qualifier in 2005 in Columbus, he was pretty into the game

    • The Treble says:

      I did not know that, however I still don’t believe he is the right person to be representing our country. Send our best Made In America product: Landon Donovan to do out bidding.

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