Who is really The Best?

What makes me laugh are the multitude of articles and conversations about who is the best player in the world. As if Monday’s El Clasico will help decide who is currently the best player in the world. There should not even be a question as to which player is the most consistent and most dangerous.

Lionel Messi IS The Best player on the planet.

Currently, both CR and Messi have each scored 21 goals in all competitions, but CR has 8 assists as Messi has 7. The big difference is that Messi has played in 6 less games than Cristiano. Barca’s #1 averages a goal per game and if match is not your strong suit then I will just state that Leo Messi is the current FIFA WPOY and is on track to repeat.

Tomorrow’s match between Real Madrid and Barcelona is not to determine who is the best, but rather how much better is Messi than Ronaldo.


4 Responses to Who is really The Best?

  1. Kevin says:

    You don’t need stats to see who is the better player. Just watch Messi play he’s on another level Ronaldo isn’t close.

  2. correia says:

    Newsflash, the play of the year is the little dutchmen, who led his tealm to the CL and the world cup final. And by the way he actually scored 3 goals at the world cup

    • The Treble says:

      Maybe, I am wrong, but the Ballon D’Or hasn’t even been chosen yet and that is not until January. Your ‘Little Dutchman’ should not even be mentioned in the same sentence as Messi. Different player, different position, but far different in skill. Sneijder is a nice player, but can he consistently run through defences like young Messi? I would, however take Sneijder over Messi in hitting a 50 meter long ball to a front player.. that’s about it.

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