FIFA’s World Cup 2022 – Qatar?.. Right

If you are like me and the rest of the sporting world, you are feeling an assortment of negative emotions. Of all four of those countries you decided on Qatar? If corruption was not the first thing that came to mind when you saw Sepp Blatter open that last envelope then you probably tried to figure out something about Qatar. Today, I bet I am just like the rest of the world (apart from any one with ties to the Middle East or the Islamic world) and learned their first trivia questions about this tiny country.

The entire nation - no need for panarama

The average temperature in Qatar is 115 degrees Fahrenheit. If I remember correctly, the players complained about the heat in the 1994 World Cup held here in the USA.  If they thought heat was unbearable back in 94′ then let us hope this oil hungry nation can air condition every square inch of their land.

If you are a tree hugging environmentalist you’ll hate this next thing. Qatar has the highest carbon-dioxide emissions per capita – 55.5 metric tons per person. That is higher than the USA and neighboring Kuwait. Want to know why? – Their #1 consumption of energy is due to AIR CONDITIONING. I really hope Sepp Blatter and the remaining 21 committee members plan on wearing bathing suits in this country. Oh and the nation is approximately 75% Islamic.. try getting away with wearing revealing clothing or doing anything that deviates from the strictly enforced rules of the religion.

Now let’s think about the size of this country. Compared to Connecticut, it has a population of around 1.5 million people. Yes, it is occupied by a 7 digit number. The USA held the World Cup in 9 different cities, does Qatar even have that many soccer fields? I’ll be honest, I have seen the potential fields and ideas that the people of Qatar are thinking of building and they look nice. Really nice:

Good, so they have fields. Can such a small nation hold the capacity of the massive numbers of tourists that plan on coming to Qatar? The World Cup in South Africa saw 400,000 tourists and if my math is correct, Qatar’s population will temporarily increase by over 26%. This means they will need to have enough hotels, restaurants, road ways, parking, food, workers, etc to hold at least 26% of their country at one time. I am sure Qatar gave it some thought before proposing to hold the World’s BIGGEST event.

They have listed their 6 highest populated cities and #1 – Doha holds just above 99,000 people. That alone will be a rude awakening when a potential 400,000 flood the streets. What might be a bit disturbing is their 6th most populated city Mesaieed. It has a population of just under 10,000.. wow. That is the size of a small town, but Welcome to Qatar.

The one thing Qatar has on the USA is history. Oh well.. like history is going to get you through the biggest event that country has and probably will ever see.

Lastly, and the most annoying thing to me – What are the real reasons for FIFA’s decision? The first thing that came to mind was the fact that we are having back-to-back Asian hosts. I also remembered that Russia is technically apart of UEFA. The idea of pure corruption was out of the picture, but then I continued reading into it. The Middle East region is an upcoming land and has the MONEY to hold such an important event. That’s all I will say, no implications, but they do have a lot of MONEY.

But at the end of the day, WC 2022 is still in Qatar and all I can do is wish them the best of luck. When the WC committee visits Qatar in mid-July I hope they realize they can’t just renege their decision when they are sweating in their expensive suits. I’ll be watching from my television in a normal climate.


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